Chair Massage and Events

Chair massage is the perfect addition to your event.

Clients love chair massage which makes your event and client experience so much better.

We have plenty of experience in this arena, We were hired by Assurian for CES

2020 to attract clients to their booth. Well it worked! We were an absolute hit.

Everyone was coming over to the booth for a massage while they checked out the company's product.

We were also hired by a life insurance agency holding their yearly conference at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. We were in the VIP section offering chair massage to all of the top performers. They loved it. It added that special touch to their event that they were looking for.

Insomniac hired us for EDC for their Artist Lounge. Again a huge hit. Everyone was coming over to our booth for their chair massage.

We also do VIP events and parties. We create a wellness lounge for your guests. We simply set up a small space where your guests can come relax for a bit. Aroma therapy is included. This is very popular for parties of all kinds, such as christmas parties or bachelorette parties.

If you own a local business check out our employee appreciation day page. It's the perfect fit for your office staff.

Pricing is very standard in the industry. Chair massage is typically $2 a minute which is $120 an hour. If you plan on having us for many hours we can discuss a discounted price.

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Massage Bliss Chair Massage Events
Massage Bliss Chair Massage Events
Massage Bliss Chair Massage Events
Massage Bliss Chair Massage Events

Located in Las Vegas serving Paradise and surrounding areas.

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