Employee Appreciation Day-Wellness Lounge

What is a monthly wellness lounge?

A monthly wellness lounge is basically an employee appreciation day for your employees and or independent contractors.

We bring in 5 star chair massage therapists to your office and set up a space anywhere you see fit.

Our therapists specialize in all types of modalities from Swedish, Deep tissue and Sports/stretching massage.

We create a relaxing environment with chair massage and essential oils to help everyone relax.

We are currently working with several major law firms and Real Estate offices.

They love us and some of them have us come weekly.

We are 5 stars on yelp and google.

What can a Monthly wellness lounge do for you and your Employees?

  • Help with productivity
  • Boost employee morale
  • Break up the monotony of the work day helping to improve focus and relaxation
  • Create a more relaxed and happy work environment
  • Reduce stress and tensions in the workplace
  • Your employees or independent contractors will like you a lot more.

Pricing is very standard for chair massage. It's $120 dollars per hour per therapist. Aroma therapy is complimentary.

If there are a lot of employees in the office we can do 15-30 min increments of time per employee.

If there are only a few employees we can do a full 45-60 min per employee.

If you would like each employee to receive 30-60 min sessions we can stay all day, that is no problem.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Massage Bliss Chair Massage Events
Massage Bliss Chair Massage Events
Massage Bliss Chair Massage Events
Massage Bliss Chair Massage Events

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