Why is touch so important? Well there are many reasons why and we will discuss a few today. There have been scientific studies done that prove when a person is isolated without human interaction or touch they become neurotic and imbalanced. There is no feeling of connection when one is isolated. One tends to feel caged in or contracted which causes anxiety and stress. With lack of touch people tend to overthink and become trapped in their mind. Even when they try to stop thinking they can’t because they are disconnected from their feeling dimension.

How do we solve this problem? The answer is regular massage therapy. Massage Therapy is so important especially in today’s society. There are constant pressures to perform and be productive. This stress can get overwhelming and accumulate if not treated. Massage is extremely affective in releasing stress and tension from the body. It also helps one feel connected to their surroundings and others. There is no replacement for human touch. No machine can do the trick. Everything is energy and the sharing of energy is vital to health and well being. Regular Massage has been known to reduce stress and anxiety as well as help one become more productive. Sometimes the best remedy is just to relax and get a massage.

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Danyelle B.