Spring Valley Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Spring Valley Lymph Drainage Therapy

Your lymphatic system is essential for ridding your body of toxins and fighting off infections. Lymphatic therapy is becoming an increasingly popular health and wellness treatment due to its many benefits, such as reducing swelling and improving circulation. The qualified massage therapists at Massage Bliss are well-versed on this technique and can help improve your lymphatic system with our professional therapy.

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Spring Valley Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Manual lymph drainage is a gentle and effective form of massage that has been refined since its inception nearly a century ago. Massage Bliss therapists use specific hands-on techniques that encourage lymph flow from swollen areas and restore proper functioning.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Techniques stimulate the immune and nervous systems as the lymph is moved through the lymph vessels and lymph nodes. Benefits include:

  • Reduction of swelling
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Promotes tissue regeneration for burns, injuries, and wrinkles
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia
  • Induces deep relaxation to help with insomnia, stress, chronic fatigue, and memory loss

How to Prepare for Your Lymph Drainage

One of our most commonly asked questions regarding our lymphatic treatments is if there is anything that can be done to prepare for the process. First and foremost, we always recommend consulting with your doctor prior. Aside from that, we suggest that you drink as much water as possible the day before, about 8 glasses if possible. Being properly hydrated is extremely helpful for your lymphatic system and will greatly aid in the effectiveness of your treatment. We also recommend eating as little as possible or fasting before your massage. This will make lymph drainage in your abdomen and lower organs more effective.

What Can I Expect from My Lymphatic Massage?

If you have only had a traditional deep tissue massage—or perhaps never had a massage before—let us give you a better idea of what goes on during our lymphatic circulation therapy. The process begins similarly to other massages—with the patient disrobing and lying down on a massage table. After that, rather than applying pressure across the body, we aim to stimulate and increase your lymph flow through soft, repetitive touches across your body. We will focus on your individual needs and help reduce swelling in areas where lymph fluid commonly builds up, such as arms and legs.

What to Do After Your Lymphatic Therapy

Don't let the soft touch of a lymphatic drainage massage fool you—it can actually be quite an exhausting process. Just as in preparing for the procedure, we recommend drinking lots of water after your treatment, as lymphatic drainage can dehydrate the body. Other than that, we suggest leaving your schedule light after your massage, as you will likely want to take it easy for the rest of the day. A few days later, you will hopefully begin to notice reduced swelling and a feeling of overall wellness.

Compassionate Service from Qualified Massage Therapists

Our goal is to help our clients feel comfortable and attended to on their path to wellness. We achieve this through our top-notch customer service and our commitment to our client experience. Contact us today to speak with an expert and experience our exceptional service.

How Does Lymph Move Through The Body?

The lymphatic system is very important to the proper functioning of the immune system. Lymph moves through the body via muscle groups found within the larger lymph vessels. Lymph can be stimulated to flow smoothly with deep abdominal breathing, regular exercise, controlled muscle contraction and applied external compression when performed by a certified lymph drainage specialist.

Reduce Lymph Node Swelling

Your body's lymphatic system is constantly working to keep you healthy. In this constant fight against bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, your lymph nodes may become inflamed. The swelling, which we call edema, can be painful and result in a loss of movement. For most people, this only happens while their body is fighting off an illness, and when it succeeds, the edema recedes.

For many people, this is not the case. The edema swelling may last for prolonged periods and cause long term pain. Not to mention frustration and mobility issues.

That's where lymph drainage really shines. With lymphatic massage, our practitioners will help reduce the swelling of your lymph nodes, without having to take any anti-inflammation medication. This is a huge benefit given that the lymphatic system itself is meant to help you detoxify your body!

Regain Control Over Your Life with Lymphatic Massage

Rather than handing the control of your health over to anti-inflammatory drugs, lymphatic massage will help you get a grip on your health. This natural and healthy technique for reducing edema has already changed the lives of many of our clients—giving them a greater sense of agency and overall well-being.

We want you to be next. Call us now for a consultation to find out whether lymph massage is right for you.

Remember: You should always consult your doctor before making any changes to your current health regime. Lymphatic massage is considered a complementary medicine to be used alongside your doctor's professional recommendations.

Certified Lymphatic Massage Therapists

All our massage therapists are certified professionals with years of experience. We leverage an empathetic approach alongside professional training to deliver top-tier massage therapy services. Our results-driven massage techniques will activate the healing potential that is present within your own body.

Lymphatic massage is a restorative treatment that helps clients overcome debilitating pain and mobility issues. Over the years, we have seen countless people recover from health issues that they expected to deal with for the rest of their lives. Lymphatic massage is a complementary medicine that has produced countless success stories.

Call us now to find out how our massage techniques can help you.

Personalized Massage Therapy Adapted to Your Needs

Everyone's body is different. Our approach takes account of these differences to provide therapeutic techniques that work on an individual case. Our strategies are based on the idea that lymphatic massage must be personalized for each individual.

To do that, we always begin with an in-depth consultation. This is where we will learn about your current health and any underlying conditions. We want to know whether your doctor has recommended our services and what other treatments you are currently undergoing. Everything we do is completely confidential, and we strongly recommend that you inform us of anything that might cause complications with our massage.

Our personalized approach to lymph drainage sets us apart from the competition by putting your needs first. We have the tools to help you take back your life. Call us today to learn more about our massage services.

Qualified Lymph Drainage Practitioners

Fully licensed and trained to provide this delicate technique, the people of Spring Valley can expect:

  • A thorough assessment of your medical history
  • A customized treatment plan with a detailed explanation
  • Qualified recommendations for ongoing self-care

Consult Your Healthcare Provider Prior To Treatment

In certain cases lymphatic drainage therapy may not be a suitable treatment. Massage Bliss's licensed practitioners conduct detailed assessments and provide massage therapy treatment plans designed to address the specific needs of our Spring Valley clientele. Contact us to learn more about how Lymphatic drainage treatments can help you.

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